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Comet, HTML5, Web Sockets…. What an exciting event.

I am really looking forward to being panel moderator at October’s SV Web Builder meeting ( announcement ). As an added bonus to the event I will be giving a workshop covering coving comet in detail and showing how you can get started using comet. This event has an all-star lineup of panelist including Dion Almaer (Open Web Advocate at Google and co-founder of and “Audible Ajax” podcast), Alex Rusell (President of the Dojo Foundation & Project Lead for The Dojo Toolkit), John Fallows (CTO and co-founder at Kaazing), and Ted Goddard (Senior Software Architect at ICEsoft Technologies and Many of you also know me, Kevin Nilson (Co-Leader Silicon Valley Web Develoepr Java User Group and Co-Leader Silicon Valley Google Technology User Group).

One of the main focus of the event is Comet. Comet is sometime referred to as reverse Ajax. Ajax has become very popular, because it allows the browser to request information from the server at any time. Ajax does not provide the capability to allow the server to initiate sending data to the browser. Comet solves this problem by allowing the server to push data to the browser at any time by taking advantages of some hacks to the http protocol. Another key aspect of Comet is that it is strictly http based, so no Applets, Flash or ActiveX is required. Your users don’t have to accept any “scary” security pop-ups. You can learn more about Comet in an article I wrote for (Pushing Data to the Browser with Comet)

Comet has been around for nearly a decade, but has never taken off. In the near future HTML 5 will be finalized and Web Sockets will provide the next generation of Comet. Kaazing has a funny t-shit that says, “Ajax + Comet = Cleaner Toilets, Web Sockets = Cleaner Code”. I am really excited to hear the panel discuss the future of the web and their predictions of changes we will see in the near future as browsers begin supporting HTML5 features.

After the panel discussion their will be a workshop that is designed to give a broad overview comet, starting out define comet then covering examples pushing data to the browser by polling, long polling, and streaming. The workshop will conclude with a more advanced example using Cometd / Bayeux. My examples in the workshop will be given on Jetty, Dojo, and Maven using Java, You are encouraged to bring a laptop and try out the examples. Having a laptop is optional and having previous experience with Java is also optional. All of the principles learned in the workshop can be applied to other languages. Everything learned in the workshop can also be used in modern browsers today.

If you are interested in this event you may also be interested in the following Comet events. Ted, someone from Kaazing and I will all be speaking at AjaxWorld about Comet. I will also be hosing Ted to speak at the next Silicon Valley Web Developer Java User Group meeting. I will also be presenting about Comet at Silicon Valley Code Camp.

Kevin Nilson

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