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Get ready for a great Ajax Panel here in Mountain View next Wednesday

We’re gearing up for an exciting Ajax panel here in Mountain View, cohosted by the Silicon Valley Web Builder group, and the Silicon Valley Javascript Meetup. We’ll be meeting at the normal js meetup venue at Google. If you live in the area or are in town this week, then don’t miss it! After all, our panelists are among the top innovators in their field, each closely associated with a major javascript project:

  • Dylan Schiemann is the Co-creator of Dojo Toolkit, and is responsible for bringing Dojo to the forefront both in technical achievement and adoption. Dylan will tell it to you like it is. I’ve never seen him claim to know everything about all ajax libraries, but he’s never at a loss for sharp analysis.
  • Tom Occhino is a Core Developer of MooTools. He’s started experimenting with JavaScript at a far younger age than anyone, and somehow he’s still at it.
  • Adam Moore is the Architect of YUI and founding engineers at Yahoo. Adam More is personally responsible for many of YUI’s core components. He clearly knows what it takes to guide a library from its fledging stages to worldwide, daily use on the order of hundreds of millions of users.
  • Fred Sauer is a Developer Advocate at Google where most of his time is devoted to Google-Web-Toolkit and Google App Engine. He’s the sort of guy we need to bring an enterprise perspective to this discussion, as he’s spent much of his career in Java related technologies, serving as a consultant in North America, Asia, and Europe in the financial and billing industry.
  • Yehuda Katz is a contributor to and evangelist for jQuery, as well as the lead developer of the excellent Merb framework. Like so very few others, he’s found himself right in the middle of two massively successful open source projects, and at the same time.

Get your questions ready and I hope to see you next Wednesday!


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