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Lean Startup: Building Cloud-based App for Web/Mobile on a Dime

Wednesday, June 30th, 6pm to 9pm PST


Sebastian Stadil
Founder of Scalr & Founder of Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Group

Georgi Dagnall
CEO at Geogad & Leader of Android / iPhone informal meetup

Location: Hurricane Electric
Address: 48233 Warm Spring Blvd, Fremont California 94539
Food & Drink: Sponsored by Hurricane Electric

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6:00 pm Networking & Food / Drink
7:00 pm Presentation
8:30 pm Raffle Prizes

Session I:

Cloud is becoming main stream in replacing traditional web host & servers. Most popular cloud computing options are Google App Engine (GAE), Microsoft Azure, Amazon (AWS), Rackspace, Salesforce, Zoho.

Cloud computing can be implemented into layers: Client, Application, Platform, Infrastructure, and Server.
As the Cloud is getting more complex in its offer and features, anyone would have to learn the basic of cloud computing, best practices, and optimizations. Come and hear from the experts in Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing Options

  • What are new trends in Cloud Computing ?
  • How to setup Cloud Computing from scratch?
  • What kind of mistakes to avoid ?
  • How to keep the cost low ?
  • How to use cloud computing in a lean startup ?

Sebastian Stadil
Founder of Scalr & Founder of Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Group

Sebastian has been an Amazon Web Services developer since 2004, starting with the E-Commerce Service (now Associates Web Service), then the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) as it was launched. He founded the Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Group, a user group of over 1800 members that meets monthly to present the latest developments in the industry.

Recently, Sebastian founded Scalr, a software-project-turned-startup that scales website infrastructure automagically. When he is not working on Scalr, Sebastian likes to make sushi and play rugby.

Sebastian Stadil’s Specialties:
Development (Ruby, PHP, jQuery, Git, Test Driven Development, REST and SOA) ;
Infrastructure (Apache, Tomcat, memcached, Amazon EC2 and S3, Cassandra, MySQL Cluster, NoSQL)

Session II:

These days most popular device applications in iPhone & Android requires server-side content and computing. Our speaker(s) will be sharing their experience in designing and deploying server in supporting mobile application.

Georgi Dagnall
CEO at Geogad & Leader of Android / iPhone informal meetup

Georgi Dagnall is CEO at Geogad, Inc, an Internet travel content platform that distributes audio- and video-based self-guided tours of popular tourist destinations. The tours are available over the web, over the mobile web to browsers on feature phones, and over Google Android-powered smartphones via native apps. During her time at Geogad, Dr. Dagnall has become proficient in audio and video content delivery over multiple channels and mobile devices. She hosts the Informal Android Developer Meetup in Silicon Valley and coordinated and led the first Android-related developer-led competition in Silicon Valley. Her wide background in computer systems and languages is includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Java, J2EE, PostgreSQL, C, and C++ among others. Her prior employment covered both R and technical marketing in the cable TV optical systems division of Harmonic, Inc. She received her doctorate from the Georgia Institute of Technology while researching the growth of InAsP strained quantum well lasers.

See you All There!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM (PT)

Hurricane Electric
48233 Warm Spring Blvd, Fremont,  CA 94539


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